November 12, 2013

One of the spectacular sceneries that draws the attention of a lot of tourist visitors annually is a location located in Southwest England known as Exmoor. Also, this is one of the popular spots that trekkers like to go due to the natural rivers and the mighty terrains it features. To prove this, numerous trekking functions are held on Exmoor each year. The StarTrek Challenge is among the most recognized trekking functions that is usually held in the place. This is prepared by the Ilfracombe Rotary Club as a way to raise money for three local charitable organizations here The North Devon Hospice, Children’s Hospice South West, and the North Devon Chemotherapy Appeal.

In fact, the planners are now accepting registration for the StarTrek Challenge 2014 that will be held next March. If you want to take part, just download the application forms in the organiser’s website. In case you are finished with your application, simply e-mail or fax the application back to the Ilfracombe Rotary Club. To register as a team, you need to form a group of 4 up to 6 people. Participants who are 16 years of age are accepted, but the team leader must be at least 18 years of age. Bear in mind that trekking is physically challenging, so be sure that each group is prepared physically and mentally.

Also, keep in mind that a day before the mentioned event, all the participants ought to be there already. If that is the case, then you might be open to availing the three-night package offered by The Exmoor White Horse Inn. This package is offered to individuals who are joining the StarTrek Challenge 2014. Included in this package are double-bedded room and breakfast time. It has already for three successive years that the proprietors of this inn have engaged themselves in the event. That’s the reason why they decided to present an accommodation package that will make your stay beneficial without having to spend a lot of money.

As of now, nobody knows where StarTrek Challenge 2014 will be placed. However, the participating teams will be given an idea about the venue a week before the said event. Also, there are a few equipment and supplies that each participant should bring before they enter the competition. Before the activity starts, the coordinators will see if each team has brought the complete requirements required. If it was discovered that it is incomplete, this may serve as a reason for not allowing the team to take part. The big event is said to start between 6 and 10 pm. In this challenge, you will be required to collect a few items where in cryptic clues will send you to their whereabouts. Also, maps and compass will be your instrument in making your route clearer. This increases the enjoyment of the trekking challenge. All throughout the activity, search and rescue teams will have their post in different spots in case some gets injured or gets lost.

Indeed, StarTrek Challenge 2014 is a trekking activity that you shouldn’t miss. Apart from the challenging and exhilarating journey, you also get the chance to help worthy charities. You better start registering now as there are only 100 slots available for groups who want to join the big event.

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